35mm Comparison: Distortion/Resolution

Roll over the Canon image to reveal the Nikon frame) . . .

28mm Distortion Test
28mm Distortion Test


Unfortunately we find the same story at 35mm: defocused right side rendering. However, once again the left side offers promise of excellent performance. Consider these 100% crops from the extreme corner at f11 / 35mm:

Canon 16-35mm/35mm f11 (corner) Nikon 17-35mm/35mm f11 (corner)

At the risk of interpolating/extrapolating a little myself here, it looks to me as if the Canon 16-35mm's resolution improves as it's focal length increases to a greater extent than the Nikon. The 17-35mm looks better at the wide end than the Canon, but doesn't appear to resolve as strongly in the 28-35mm range.


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