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Canon Full Frame Test: Zeiss ZF 25mm Distagon

Zeiss ZF 25mm f2.8 v Canon 24mm f1.4 L

Distortion Test: Full Frame

Zeiss ZF 25mm Distortion Test

Rollover the Zeiss ZF 25mm image to show the Canon 24mm L version. Two points to the Canon here, I think.

Close Range Performance / Distortion: Corner Detail

Zeiss ZF 25mm Distortion
Canon 24mm Distortion

The distortion chart above was shot at f5.6 at a distance of two feet (60cm) and was carefully focus bracketed to ensure correct rendering. As you can see, the distortion pattern of both lenses is that of barrel (negative) in the centre frame, reversing positively in the corners. Here's Zeiss' own distortion data, followed by an estimate of the Canon 24L's (official distortion charts are very hard to come by):

Zeiss ZF 25mm Distortion Canon 24mm L Distortion

I reshot the above with the ZF several times, but couldn't get a sharp corner at any aperture below f16 at that range – which is surprising, because the lens appears to have been designed with a 6cm minimum focus capability, but according to the Zeiss web site, no floating element? The Canon L, with floating element performs as well at distance as it does in the macro range . . . deduct 2 points for the ZF, then.

Draw a straight line
and follow it.

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