Sigma 12-24mm v Sigma 15-30mm at 15mm/f8

All images shot with a Canon 1Ds Mark I at 100ASA. 1/15 sec at f8 in RAW, processed in 8 bit via Capture One and converted for web with BoxTop Pro.

Frame edge (top)

Sigma 15-30mm @ 15mm Sigma 12-24mm @ 12mm


Frame corner (bottom left)

Sigma 15-30mm @ 15mm Sigma 12-24mm @ 15mm


Frame centre (unresampled)

Sigma 15-30mm @ 15mm Sigma 12-24mm @ 15mm

Another result for the 15-30mm. Corner and centre frame detail is more legible in these 15mm captures by the Sigma than in 17mm shots with the Canon 17-40mm, and clearly better than this 12-24mm sample.

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